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Beretta 8000

About Beretta 8000

The Beretta 8000 entered the market in 1994 as an alternative to the famous Beretta 92. The main aim was to make a compact alternative to it, chambered in .40 S&W


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About Beretta 8000

The Beretta 8000, also known as the Beretta Cougar is a semi-automatic, recoil operated, DA/SA pistol that can be chambered in numerous calibers. The variety of the calibers is a result of the pistol being a compact version of the famous Beretta 92. The manufacturers tried to please the audience and created more variations of the Beretta 8000, the F model which has a exposed hammer and ambidextrous safety decocker and the D model with a spurless hammer and no safety decocker. The Beretta 8000 uses a rotating barrel locking system. The barrel rotates on recoil and unlocks itself with in from the slide. The motion is controlled from the bottom and it follows the cam rack in the steel frame insert. The frame is made of an lightweight aluminium alloy and thus the Beretta 8000 can be used as a concealed carry option. There are multiple uses of this model, depending on the caliber as well as the choice of the owner. The Beretta 8000 can serve everyone that looks either for a concealed option or a everyday gun for multiple uses.

Beretta 8000 facts

Beretta summary

Type: semi automatic

Caliber: .32 ACP

Weight: 670 g

Length: 6,1 in

Barrel length: 3,9 in

Magazine capacity: 8 rounds


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