Everything about Beretta 92A1

Beretta 92A1

About Beretta 92A1

The 92 A1 is a semi-automatic pocket pistol that was designed by Beretta in Italy. It has been first produced in 1972, and it represents the evolution of the world famous 92FS pistol, combining the best elements of the 92FS and the 90-Two.


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About Beretta 92A1

The Beretta 92 A1 is a semi-automatic pistol that features a chrome-lined barrel with a corrosion- and wear-resistant Bruniton and deeply recessed combat muzzle crown and nonreflective black finish. The pistol is designed with a removable front sight, an accessory rail and captive recoil spring assembly. Features include a removable front sight, accessory rail, internal recoil buffer, rounded trigger guard, captive recoil spring assembly and a black Bruniton finish. The appearance and whole design of the whole 92 series is the work of a professional team at the Beretta: Carlo Beretta, Giuseppe Mazzetti and Vittorio Valle, all experienced firearms designers on the Beretta design team. That is the reason why this series gained that much attention and popularity.

Beretta 92A1 facts

Beretta summary

Type: semi automatic

Caliber: .32 ACP

Weight: 670 g

Length: 6,1 in

Barrel length: 3,9 in

Magazine capacity: 17 rounds


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