Everything about Beretta Bobcat

Beretta Bobcat

About Beretta Bobcat

The Beretta Bobcat is a synonym for the Beretta 21A. A small pistol perfect for the concealed carry world that has many fans around the globe.

Experiments aside, choosing the right holster for your Beretta 21 A is as important as choosing the gun in the first place. Scroll down to get more information and options for your handgun.


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About Beretta Bobcat

The Beretta 21A, also called the Beretta Bobcat is a semi-automatic, DA/SA pistol designed by Beretta and produced since 1984. It’s chambered in .22 LR or .25 Auto and the small size and easy concealment make the Bobcat an ideal gun for your concealed carry choice. The frame of the model is made of aluminium alloy and the slide and barrel are either made of carbon or stainless steel. The model variation determines the material used on the slide. The Beretta 21A has a tip-up barrel. It’s a relatively unique feature. The barrel pivots are designed under the muzzle in order for the chamber to be easily loaded with the slide in the closed position. IT simplifies loading, unloading and checking the chamber. The Beretta 21A Bobcat does not have an extractor so it means the removal of the fired case depends solely on blowback inertia. The choice of ammo is really sensitive. This model is a proper choice for concealed carry as it packs size, handling and power and combines them in one proper pistol.

Beretta Bobcat facts

Beretta summary

Weight: 11.8 oz
Length:4.9 in
Cartridge:.22 LR and .25 ACP
Type: Double-action
Muzzle velocity:1050 - 1045 ft/sec
Feed system:7 round magazine
Type:semi automatic
Barrel length:2.4 inch


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