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Beretta Cougar

About Beretta Cougar

The Beretta Cougar is a famous alternative to the Beretta 92. The Cougar entered the market in 1994 as a more compact version for the shooting world to enjoy. It was made for the .40 S&W cartridge and was later also made for oother cartridges.


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About Beretta Cougar

The Beretta Cougar is a semi-automatic pistol manufactured by Beretta of Italy. It appeared for the first time on the market place in 1994 as a more compact alternative to the full-sized Beretta 92 model service pistol in order to offer a compromise between concealability, ease of carry, accuracy and firepower. It was originally developed for the .40 S&W cartridge, which was a new cartridge at the time. Later it was also manufactured for other calibers, for instance: as 9×19 mm, .357 SIG and.45 ACP. The Cougar 8000 series pistols are all locked breech semi-automatic pistols and are recoil operated. The Beretta Cougar is made in different model lines. Basic version of the Cougar pistol is the F model, with double-action trigger with exposed hammer, and ambidextrous safety/decocker levers on the slide. The D version, which is double-action only, and thus has a spurless hammer and no safety/decocker levers. Cougar pistols use 9 mm, 57 SIG and .40 caliber model double-stack magazines, and single-stack magazines in .45 caliber models. Beretta 8000 series, known as Cougar, appeared on the market in 1994 as a compact alternative to the bulky, full-sized Beretta M92F service pistols.

Beretta Cougar facts

Beretta summary

Type: semi automatic

Caliber: .32 ACP

Weight: 670 g

Length: 6,1 in

Barrel length: 3,9 in

Magazine capacity: 8 rounds


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